• Mac Sumie

    My Mac History

  • Click Sample and Creating Click Track in Digital Performer

    Download the Click sample Save this folder to where you will not move or delete such as ~/Home/Music/ or Digital

  • Find lost password with Keychain Access

    Since 1997, Mac OS has had a password management system called Keychain. It can manage many daily password usages such

  • Don’t Run Upgrade from App Store app!

    Understand the difference between Upgrade and Update Upgrade:OS X 10.11.6 → OS X 10.12 Update:OS X 10.12.3 → OS X 10.12.4

  • macOS Update

    macOS Update, The Safer Way

    Use OS X Combo Update instead of letting App Store Update option Update means point release to a major software

  • Spinning Wheel Of Death

    Spinning Beach Ball Hell

    SWOD (Spinning Wheel Of Death) a.k.a Spinning Beach Ball or Rainbow Pizza Mac acting slow Spinning Wheel is preventing from

  • Partition


    While Apple recommends no partitioning, because partitioning means more hard drive head activities, I still believe in partitioning. A volume

  • DP-Crash

    Troubleshoot Digital Performer Crash

    If you encounter Digital Performer crash frequently, you maybe able to find the cause. Read on…