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Supporting Albums

  • Varie ed Eventuali by Danilo Madonia

    From Danilo Madonia website “VARIE ED EVENTUALI I had been thinking for a while about releasing a follow-up to MOVING,

  • George Russell: The 80th Birthday Concert

    George Russell: The 80th Birthday Concert

    George Russell is one of the great men of postwar modernism, a direct link to the time when everything – architecture, film, music, society – was being reinvented. Russell is the arch theorist of jazz who also wrote hits. He led adventurous bands while teaching and encouraging younger musicians. Over the past two decades his Living Time Orchestra has been one of the weird and wonderful treats of the festival circuit.

  • Jailhouse Doc With Holes In Her Socks

    Jailhouse Doc With Holes In Her Socks

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  • Stories - JCA Orchestra


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  • Chris Florio The Essensce

    The Essence – Chris Florio and Hiro Honshuku

    Leaving Home Spiritual Ancestors Not a Brontosaurus Anymore Dance Partner A Question for the Curious Dream Time Cantus Fleximus Happy

  • Why DO You Ride? JCA

    Why Do You Ride?

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  • Nan Jing: Seven Possible Solutions

    Seven Possible Solutions

    “A stunning collection of instrumental compositions and improvisations by some of the best and most versatile musicians around” Chris Florio

  • A Wallflower In The Amazon

    A Wallflower In The Amazon

    Darrell Katz’ compositions unfold like suspense films, pregnant with anticipation, marked by unexpected twists and turns and exotic panoramas, packed

  • The Same Thing

    The Same Thing

    December 30, 1994 Everybody Loves Ray Charles I’m Me and You’re Not Ha Ha Like A Wind The Same Thing

  • Tudo Bem...

    Tudo Bem…

    João Marcos Tudo Bem A Saudade A Casa Blue Swingeira Giro Bobeira Samba da Senzala Samba Na Areira

  • Edison Suit ß


    Edison Suit The Edison Suit album “ß” is a double CD, the first disc consists of songs written in collaboration

  • Ave Rara – Teresa Inês

    The original and re-arranged traditional songs in this irresistibly diverse album remind us the universality of the music. The fact

  • Celebration Of The Spirit

    Celebration Of The Spirit

    The Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra was established by Darrell Katz and Ken Schaphorst in 1985 as a collective and presenting

  • Good_Again_JodyBlackwell

    Good Again

    Jody says “I am very excited to announce the independent release of my new CD, Good Again, now available online

  • Sapo

    * Produzido e arranjado por João Ferraz ** Gravado por João Ferraz, César Santos, Mathew Zipkin, Tony Lamond no dinosounds

  • In, Thru, and Out

    JAZZ COMPOSERS ALLIANCE ORCHESTRA SHINES ON IN, THRU, AND OUT “Some of the most exciting writing around for the big

  • The Death of Simone Weil

    COMPOSER DARRELL KATZ EXCEPTIONAL CD THE DEATH OF SIMONE WEIL Featuring The Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra with Rebecca Shrimpton; Text

  • Approachable Perspectives ~ The Music Of Ernesto Klar

    Klaresque Ensemble The Klaresque Ensemble was founded in 1996 by NYC-based composer Ernesto Klar out of the desire to concentrate

  • Rumba Gitana

    Amir’s third album “Rumba Gitana” is a beautiful blend of Flamenco and other influences from around the world. The beautiful

  • Orchestral Themes & Underscore

    All selections composed, orchestrated, produced, engineered and mixed by Jamey Scott Tracks: Stinger Heroic Magic Blades [Eternal Gaze Score] Act

  • Kaori

    Recorded on February 18, 2003, at DreamWorld Studio, Lynn, MA, by Hiroaki Honshuku and Doug Hammer. Produced by Hiroaki Honshuku.

  • Brazilian Landscape

    Sergio Brandão & Manga-Rosa On this set led by guitarist Sergio Brandao, the music is Brazilian-oriented jazz with touches of

  • September Rising

    Blue Dove Like the rest of the world, the members of Blue Dove Music experienced the full range of human

  • Intimacy

    Amir Amir’s second album “Intimacy” features not only Amir’s beautiful guitar playing but also the talents of other musicians: Hiro

  • Raw

    Gilson Schachnik Credits Bill Pierce (Sax), Paulinho Braga (Performer), David Dachinger (Engineer), Evan Harlan (Accordion), Fernando Huergo (Bass), Henk Kooistra

  • ~Live in Boston~

    Teresa Inês Born in Rio de Janeiro and transplanted to Boston via the Berklee College of Music, Teresa Ines has

  • Geila Zilkha

    Produced by Nob Kinukawa Co-produced by Hiroaki Honshuku Recorded at Soundworks, Watertown, MA and A-NO-NE Studio, Cambridge, MA Geila Zilkha

  • Nob

    Nob Kinukawa Produced by Hiroaki Honshuku Co-produced by Enrique A. Gonzalez-Diaz Associate Produced by L. Raul Romeo Tracks: Nine To

  • After Blue

    Ken Schaphorst Big Band [amazon_link asins=’B000001O3L’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’annm07-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d5b2e047-b3f1-11e8-9c85-7149badd2a4b’] This 1991 recording brings in the front line of the

  • Making Lunch

    Ken Schaphorst Big Band The band’s 1990 debut features the cream of the late ’80’s Boston jazz scene; many of