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Click Sample and Creating Click Track in Digital Performer

Download the Click sample

  Hiro's Click (1.5 KiB, 623 hits)

Save this folder to where you will not move or delete such as ~/Home/Music/ or Digital Performer (DP) Clippings cannot function.

1 DP Clipping 1 Create a new Digital Performer Clipping Window

  • Project → Clippings → New Digital Performer Clipping Window
  • This is a global Clipping which can be accessed from any DP projects
2 DP Clipping 2 Name the Clipping Window “Click”

  • The window pops up but can be hard to see
  • Warning: If you missed this opportunity to name the window, the default “untitled” will be committed and it becomes hard to rename.
3 DP Clipping 2 Drag and drop the downloaded Click file to the Clipping window
4 DP Clipping 4 Next time when you need this window open, it shows up at Project → Clippings →
5 DP Clipping 5
  1. Add a mono audio track
  2. Name the track “Click Track”
  3. Set the Grid constraint to your needs, i.e. Quater Note value
  4. Drag and Drop the Clipping to the track
  5. Repeat to fill a measure (You can Option + Drag the fist one to copy the rest of the beats as well)

Now you have a measure filled clicks

6 DP Clipping 6 You can highlight the measure and repeat (⌘+R) the measure, or starting from DP10.1, you can utilize the Clip feature which I explain.

  1. Highlight the measure you wish to make it a Clip
  2. Region → Pack Into Clips (Control + Shift + 1) or adding Option key gives more options as shown in the screenshot.
7 DP Clipping 7 Once a Region became a Clip,

  1. Place the mouse pointer at the edge until the arrow turns into an arrowed circle as shown in the screenshot.
  2. Drag to extend until the end of the song

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