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PSP develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins. Our products garner rave reviews and endorsements from every corner of the music production, engineering, composition, and post-production worlds. Our plug-ins have become staples in professional and home studios worldwide. Our credo explains our simple philosophy: It’s The Sound That Counts!

  • Lexicon PSP42
  • PSP 2445 EMT
  • PSP 608MD
  • PSP 85
  • PSP B-Scanner
  • PSP EasyVerb
  • PSP Echo
  • PSP L’otary2
  • PSP N2O
  • PSP PianoVerb2
  • PSP SpringBox
  • PSP stompDelay
  • PSP stompFilter
  • PSP BussPressor
  • PSP ClassicQ
  • PSP ConsoleQ
  • PSP E27
  • PSP FETpressor
  • PSP MasterComp
  • PSP MasterQ2
  • PSP McQ
  • PSP MixPack2
  • PSP Neon HR
  • PSP NobleQ
  • PSP oldTimerME
  • PSP preQursor
  • PSP RetroQ
  • PSP StereoPack
  • PSP TripleMeter
  • PSP VintageWarmer2
  • PSP X-Dither
  • PSP Xenon

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