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Approachable Perspectives ~ The Music Of Ernesto Klar

Klaresque Ensemble

The Klaresque Ensemble was founded in 1996 by NYC-based composer Ernesto Klar out of the desire to concentrate his creative work in a chamber ensemble setting. Ernesto Klar’s music approaches different perspectives, and avoids definitions such as jazz, classical, popular or ethnic. “Composer Ernesto Klar’s band is an example of the uniquely personal and promising units that can emerge from the ranks of creative young musicians. [They] have both the interpretative and improvisational skills needed to realize Klar’s blend of chamber music delicacy and coherent free-form collage… where concepts like classical and jazz really do coexist”, according jazz critic Bob Blumenthal, from the Boston Globe. David Wildman, from the Boston Globe, says, ” Composer Ernesto Klar’s chamber group produces music that, like its architect, is serious, creative, and unpredictable.”

Featuring: Ernesto Klar (conductor), Hiro Honshuku (flute, piccolo, alto flute), Jim Hobbs (alto saxophone), Jason Hunter (tenor and soprano saxophone), Taylor Ho bynum (trumpet, flugelhorn), Dan Shaud (horn), Tucker Dulin (tenor trombone), Stephen Cooley* (bass trombone), Massimo Biolcati* (double bass), Eric Thompson (drum kit, percusion)

*Except on Tracks 1 and 6 substituted by:
Jonathan Baker (bass trombone), Mike Bullock (double bass)

Special guests
Track 5: Jonathan Lamaster (violin), Vic Rawlings (prepared cello)
Track 6: Chiara Civello (recitation)


  1. Chorale / Zarathustra Suite (5:24)
  2. I. Il Tramonto di Zarathustra (The Sunset of Zarathustra) (11:46)
  3. II. Il Canto della notte (The Chant of the Night) (5:58)
  4. III. Il segno (The Sign) (7:30)
  5. enTroPia-per Morton Feldman (7:49)
  6. De-riff-struction (3:09)
  7. Tra chiaro e oscuro (Between Light and Darkness) (18:26)

Recorded in Boston 1999-2000: Mastered in NYC 2003

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