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Ave Rara – Teresa Inês

The original and re-arranged traditional songs in this irresistibly diverse album remind us the universality of the music. The fact that all songs in the CD have Portuguese lyrics, is not an obstacle for the enjoyment of its melodies and rhythms. Teresa Ines voice echoes a universal sentiment and delight the listener with her sensual timbre. As a songwriter Teresa has the ability to create melodies that make the listener comprehend the depth of her music even without the words.

Teresa Ines, who was named a great Latin diva by the Boston Globe newspaper started her career in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where a rich blend of African and Portuguese-derived styles, such as the earthy, percussive samba and its jazzier, coolly intellectual cousin, bossa nova, are constantly fusing, branching out and evolving.

After being awarded with a scholarship to attend the famed Berklee School of Music she moved to Boston and became” the most well-known Brazilian vocalist” on New England’s scene (World Rhythm) . During the last 10 years, Ines has taken the music of her country throughout the United States, Europe and South America.

As a bandleader, Ines has been able to tailor her arrangements to the exact timbre of her voice. Her band, which typically features a piano, flutes, acoustic guitar, bass and drum kit, plus Brazilian percussion like the pandeiro and berimbau , intuitively shadows her vocals through quicksilver runs, smoldering torchers and languid balladry. The ensemble’s membership hails from all over South and North America and their fierce chops and cosmopolitan outlook provide a perfect showcase for Ines’ own tropical city-girl roots.

This album shows how Ines has grafted specific American jazz influences onto her inclusive yet eclectic vocabulary of Brazilian melodies and rhythms. The CD, Ave Rara (Rare Bird), is accompanied by a fine group of musicians and offers a selection of yearning, soulful songs like the title tune, which was composed by Edu Lobo & Aldir Blanc and demonstrates a mellow yet upbeat aspect of Ines’ personality. Another highlight is the funky arrangement of Tuaregue e Nagô by composer Lenine. Among Ines’ own compositions, Cores Frias, is couched in a classic bossa nova style, while Com Sabor, her thoughtful portrait of the warmth of a woman’s heart, is sung over a lush string quartet. A lyrical choro called Marambaia displays her virtuosity and elegance while Pra que discutir com Madame, a classic song first recorded by the renowned bossa nova maestro João Gilberto, is given a more lively and playful reading.


  1. Tuaregue e Nagô (Lenine – Bráulio Tavares)
  2. Consolação (Baden Powell – Vinícius de Moraes)
  3. Cores Frias (Teresa Ines)
  4. Meu Menino (Teresa Ines)
  5. Fotografia (Antônio Carlos Jobim)
  6. Marambaia (Henricão – Rubens Campos)
  7. Beradero (Chico César)
  8. Com Sabor (Teresa Ines)
  9. Ave Rara (Edu Lobo – Aldir Blanc)
  10. Pra Que Discutir com Madame (Janet de Almeida – Haroldo Barbosa)
  11. Sapequinha (Teresa Ines)

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