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As Supporting Musician


Gilson Schachnik

Bill Pierce (Sax), Paulinho Braga (Performer), David Dachinger (Engineer), Evan Harlan (Accordion), Fernando Huergo (Bass), Henk Kooistra (Mastering), John Lockwood (Bass), Claudio Roditi (Trumpet), Antonio Sanchéz (Drums), Mark Wessel (Engineer), Mark Wessel (Mixing), Miguel Zenón (Sax (Alto)), Steve Langone (Drums), Gilson Schachnik (Piano), Gilson Schachnik (Main Performer), Hiro Honshuko (Flute)


  1. Pedra Verde
  2. Julia
  3. Triste
  4. Nancia
  5. Agua de Beber
  6. Hermetiana #1
  7. Hermetiana #2
  8. Corcovado

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