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Varie ed Eventuali by Danilo Madonia

From Danilo Madonia website


I had been thinking for a while about releasing a follow-up to MOVING, but as always, there are many other things to do, and personal projects end up at the bottom of my to-do list. On top of that, these two years of covid completely screwed up our lives, whilst further complicating the organisation and logistics behind the construction of an ‘album’, so deadlines have been extended, the recording process has changed, and as a consequence, my initial plan could not be achieved. The silver linen in this mess is that in the meantime new technologies now allow us to work remotely, and thanks to the endless helpfulness and talent of my old and new friends and ‘travel companions’ along this journey, I’ve managed to complete everything that I had in mind. For all these reasons, I will be forever grateful to them.”

  1. Con gli occhi di Gagarin
  2. Dal garage a qui
  3. Quasi un tango
  4. Il fiume
  5. Correr Sin Aliento (YouTube →)
  6. In viaggio verso Nizza
  7. Ma & pa
  8. Picuapita
  9. Ru courtaud
  10. Le ragazze di Osaka
  11. Lyle

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