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Metric Halo 3d Card

Metric Halo 3d is a DSP (Digital Audio Processing) card, which hosts multiple effects such as reverb and delay, as well as a summing mixer for my flute, Wind Synth (NuRAD), and the MainStage app. The mixer is controlled by expression pedals via MIDI.

However, the most important usage of the 3d DSP for my setup is to tune the output monitor. The Mackie SRM150 monitor speakers are only 5.25″ and are not flat-responding ones. I use Metric Halo ULN-2 3d onboard DSP 12 Band EQ to compensate for the issue.

First, I use Metric Halo SpectraFooX to output pink noise from the Mackie SRM150 stereo pair, then loop the signal back using one of the EarthWorks condenser microphones to measure the discrepancies, which then the 12 Band EQ to surgically correct.

Metric Halo 3d 13 Band EQ
Metric Halo 3d 13 Band EQ

It is worth mentioning that the 3d DSP mixer allows two signal paths, one for the Mackie SRM150 output and the other for the FOH (Front Of the House) engineer with a clean signal without the EQ.

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