Here We Go(ヒア・ウィ・ゴー)



“Hiro Honshuku is a man of many parts — virtuoso flutist, imaginative composer, capable visual artist and gifted teacher. A composer is always heartened to learn he has been an influence in a musician’s life; Hiro has taken what he learned from the Lydian Concept and used it as I had intended it to be used — to fashion his own unique voice. Drawing from his experience of growing up in Japan, studying European traditional music, and coming to the jazz idiom as a young man, his music is pan-cultural and compelling. He is supported superbly by Gustavo Assis-Brasil on guitar and José Pienasola on bass; this ensemble listens to each other, and the result is a very worthwhile musical experience.”

– George Russell


  • Gustavo Assis-Brasil
  • Hiroaki Honshuku : 本宿宏明
  • José Pienasola


  1. Ticket Flower
  2. Here We Go
  3. The View
  4. Nagging
  5. A Door
  6. Oh & Too
  7. The Arrow
  8. Mr. Joint
  9. Face Right

Released Month: August
Released year: 2006


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