After Blue


Ken Schaphorst Big Band

This 1991 recording brings in the front line of the group Human Feel (Andrew D’Angelo and Chris Speed) along with bassist Chris Wood and Schaphorst Band stalwards John Medeski and trombonist Josh Roseman, for more originals and new arrangements of Ellington’s “Warm Valley” and Ray Charles’ “Rockhouse.”

“The band is [Schaphorst’s] instrument. That truism is as true here as it gets, since he cannily exploits the colors of his 18-piece group with a ferocious energy and an offbeat ear that will periodically turn you on yours just as Mingus meant to.”
Gene Santoro, Pulse

Personnel: Hiro Honshuku, fl; Jay Brandford, Andrew D’Angelo, as; Donny McCaslin, Chris Speed, ts; Kathy Halvorson, oboe, bar.s; John Carlson, Scott Cowan, Walter Platt, tp; Marshall Sealy, frh; Curtis Hasselbring, Josh Roseman, tb; Jim O’Dell, tuba; John Medeski, pn; John Dirac, g; Chris Wood, bs; Jim Harp, dms; Jerry Leake, perc.

AccurateRecords AC-4202


  1. After Blue
  2. Market Street
  3. Yes and No
  4. Cleopatra
  5. Going Up?
  6. J & K my A
  7. Warm Valley
  8. Blue Blood
  9. Rockhouse
  10. Before Light



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