Brazilian Landscape


Sergio Brandão & Manga-Rosa

On this set led by guitarist Sergio Brandao, the music is Brazilian-oriented jazz with touches of pop and folk music. There are some strong solos along the way by Brandao, flutist Fernando Brandao, and Andy Middleton on alto and soprano. The nine originals contain plenty of atmosphere (some of it supplied by Evan Harlan on accordion and the synthesizers of Aydin Esen), catchy melodies, variety, and high-quality musicianship. Well worth checking out. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Sergio Brandão (Guitar & Voice) / Fernando Brandaão (Flute & Alto Flute) / Hiro Honshuku (Wind Controller & Alto Flute) / Andy Middleton (Soprano & Alto Sax) / Takuya Nakamura (Trumpet) / Evan Harlan (Accordion) / Aydin Esen (Piano & Keys) / Fernando Huergo (Bass) / Steve Langone & Portinho (Drums) / Eric Galm (Percussion)

  1. Tracks:
  2. Samba Em 7
  3. Caneco 94
  4. Brotinha
  5. Curupira
  6. Brasil
  7. Frevo
  8. Reflexions
  9. Landscape
  10. Maraia



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