Making Lunch


Ken Schaphorst Big Band

The band’s 1990 debut features the cream of the late ’80’s Boston jazz scene; many of these musicians are now emerging onto the international scene, with Mercer Ellington, Bobby Previte, Don Byron, Henry Threadgill and on their own. A full plate of Schaphorst originals, plus his take on Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments.”

“The most interesting and contemporary large-ensemble jazz to come out of Boston in recent years.”
Rich Cromonic, Boston Phoenix

Personnel: Jay Brandford, as; John Carlson, tp, flh; John Dirac, g; Dave Finucane, ts; Andy Gravish, tp, flh; Jim Harp, dms; Curtis Hasselbring, tb; Hiro Honshuku, fl; Jerry Leake, perc; Dmitri Matheny, tp, flh; Donny McCaslin, ts; John Medeski, pn; Jim O’Dell, tuba; Mark Ortwein, bar.s, bsn; Josh Roseman, tb; Mark Taylor, fh; Dave Valdez, as; Wesley Wirth, bs.

AccurateRecords AC-4201


  1. Making Lunch
  2. Promise
  3. Intimations
  4. Stolen Moments
  5. Gospel Garden
  6. Chant…The Lashing of Tongues…Prayer
  7. Chant…The Lashing of Tongues…Prayer
  8. Chant…The Lashing of Tongues…Prayer


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