September Rising


Blue Dove

Like the rest of the world, the members of Blue Dove Music experienced the full range of human emotion on September 11, and we have sought to express that in our music, each of us in his or her own individual way. You will find a wide spectrum of vocal and instrumental pieces ranging from expressions of anguish and loss to uplifting messages of hope and love.


  1. A Manhattan Day
  2. The Eroded Man
  3. The View
  4. Your Love’s the Reason
  5. The Worth of Things
  6. Metaphysical Vertigo
  7. Flight 93
  8. New Day
  9. Climb
  10. Tocado
  11. Requiem IXXI
  12. Elegy in 9/11
  13. WTC911
  14. LeRue DeCiel
  15. I Heard the Bells Ring Today
  16. Manhattan Elegy
  17. Voices in the Air
  18. Angels Wings
  19. We Will Unite



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