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Flute Practice Tips

  • Trevor Wye

    I hope you have Trevor Wye’s “Practice Book for the Flute Volume 1”. This book is a must-have. Click to

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Mac Tips

  • DiskWarrior

    DiskWarrior – Must Have!

    Run DiskWarrior Once A Month Buy DiskWarrior at Amazon The manufacture site DiskWarrior has been the best tool to keep

  • Don’t Run Upgrade from App Store app!

    Understand the difference between Upgrade and Update Upgrade:OS X 10.11.6 → OS X 10.12 Update:OS X 10.12.3 → OS X 10.12.4

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  • Here We Go

    Here We Go

    “Hiro Honshuku is a man of many parts — virtuoso flutist, imaginative composer, capable visual artist and gifted teacher. A

  • Trio La Luna

    Hiro Honshuku and the Trio La Luna

    This CD marks the debut of Hiro Honshuku’s Trio La Luna. The three Boston based musicians—Honshuku on flute and EWI, Casper Gyldensøe on guitar, and Alex Raymond Busby Smith on bass, sound as if they’ve been playing together for a considerably longer time than the nine months of their association. This CD was recorded live in the studio; the intuitive interplay among these three superb musicians is remarkable. An overarching ensemble feeling is evident throughout the music, even though the group had never before performed some of the tunes.

  • Are You Blue

    Are You Blue

    Recorded at Soundworks, Watertown MA on September 29, 1994 by Brian Capouch except “A Ballad”, recorded at A-NO-NE Studio, Boston

  • Not That Silent Night

    Not That Silent Night

    Review at ChristmasReviews.com So cool, it’s smokin’ hot. Hiro Honshuku (with the A-No-Ne Christmas) has once again brewed stunningly stylish

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Live Equipment


  • DAW Disk Space Calculator

    To protect our site from attacks, the script will run separately.  Please click the below image to start the tool.

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